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            股票配资策略话术Emirates president confident Boeing will resolve issues with 737 MAX

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            • 来源:宿迁股票配资-股票配资_品牌配资_配资公司_配资平台
            FILE PHOTO: Tim Cl股票配资策略话术a股票配资策略话术股票配资策略话术rk, Presi股票配资策略话术dent of Emirates Airlines, delivers his speech during a presentation of Emirates Boeing 777 at the airport in Hamburg, April 11, 2018. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer

            DUBAI (Reuters) - Emirates Airline President Tim Clark said on Monday he believes Boeing Co will resolve issues with its 737 MAX aircraft, saying the U.S. company has an outstanding track record.

            The world’s largest planemaker’s fastest-selling 737 MAX jets have been grounded after the disasters on Lion Air in Indonesia on Oct. 29 and another on Ethiopian Airlines on March 10, which together killed all 346 on board.